Digital downloads

The digital delivery of your music publications and audio recordings

How does it work and what are your advantages?

Terms and conditions of the digital PDF & MP3 download system

What is allowed and what is not allowed?

By purchasing music in PDF, you have the right to:

1. Download the purchased PDF file 2 (two) times during a period of 60 days
2. Save the PDF file on your computer
3. Printing the PDF file or parts of it

Unfortunately, you are not authorised to:

1. Modify the PDF file
2. Extract text/images from the PDF file
3. Digitally extract individual parts from the PDF file
4. Forward the PDF file to third parties

Any determination of misuse will be reported to the copyright organisation in your country.

Download period and loss of files

If purchased downloads are not downloaded by the customer within the strict period of 60 (sixty) days, he cannot claim new or replacement files under any circumstances.

Bernaerts Music BV cannot be held responsible for lost files (e.g. due to poor storage or computer crash) or if no backup was made.


The purchase of extra scores or extra parts is of course intended to replace lost copies or to purchase several copies if larger quantities are required.

Bernaerts Music BV reserves the right, if the original and complete work has never been purchased, to cancel your order and in case you have already downloaded it, to inform the copyright society of your country.

If you need several copies of extra scores for a contest, for example, this is of course perfectly possible. Again, Bernaerts Music BV reserves the right to check this.