Frequently asked questions

Bernaerts Music BV

Which languages do we speak?

We speak Dutch, French, English and German.
We regret that you cannot contact us in any other language.

Availability of our products

All our music publications and CDs are always available from stock.
Our music editions, CDs and MP3s are also available as digital downloads (PDF and MP3) and are immediately available in your Bernaerts Music account (depending on the payment method chosen).

Extra scores & parts

The purchase of extra scores or parts is of course intended to replace lost copies or to purchase several copies if larger quantities are required.

Bernaerts Music BV reserves the right, if the original and complete work has never been purchased, to cancel your order and in case you have already downloaded it, to inform the copyright society of your country.

If you need several scores for a contest, for example, this is of course perfectly possible. Again, Bernaerts Music BV reserves the right to check this.

Pick up your order

Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy music/CDs on site at our company. All orders should always be placed in our webshop.

If you do wish to collect your order, you should discuss this in advance and by telephone with our customer service and make an appointment. The shipping costs charged in our webshop will then be deducted and refunded.

My account

In your account you can manage your personal data and settings, view your orders, download your digital products, print/view your invoices, review your wishlist, track your order & view your gift cards.

Lost password

Forgotten your password?
No problem, we will gladly help you.
Click on “Lost password?“.

How to order as a music shop?

If you have a registered commercial business and you wish to sell the music of Bernaerts Music, please contact our customer service by email:

Make sure you include the following information:
1. Name of your music shop
2. Your first name and name
3. Address of your music shop
4. Phone number
5. VAT number

Sample scores

Sample scores are only available and printable from our website.
They will not be sent by post or e-mail.
Sample scores are not complete for copyright reasons and show 3/4 of the music publication. We have not deleted any pages to conceal passages that are difficult to play in a certain section of the music publication, but we guarantee that the grade of difficulty remains consistent throughout the entire work.

Complete MP3 files for free

For copyright reasons we do not send or email complete MP3 files for free of our recordings.
The complete recordings of our music editions are found on one of our CDs or you can purchase the MP3 file from our online webshop.