How to order?

Ordering via our webshop is choosing the best, quickest and most effective way of ordering.
Orders must always be made at our online webshop www.bernaertsmusic.com.
We do not accept orders by e-mail, letter or phone.

1. Select the music publication(s) or CD(s) using the search bar or the shop menu.
2. Once your complete order has been added to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout, choose your payment method and follow the instructions on the screen.
3. Simply click “Complete and pay your order” to finalize your order. You will receive an email confirmation immediately.

Availability of our products

All our music publications and CDs are always available from stock.
Our music editions, CDs and MP3s are also available as digital downloads (PDF and MP3) and are immediately available in your Bernaerts Music account (depending on the payment method chosen).